Little Paddington Preschool Serangoon Concert 2017

Photo Print Pricing :

8R                               6R

Single - $10.00         Single - $4.00

Pkg of 3 - $20.00     Pkg of 3 - $10.00

5R                              4R

Single - $3.00            Single - $1.50

Pkg of 5 - $12.00      Pkg of 5 - $5.00

Softcopy available at $15.00 per image


Instructions for Ordering

At this main page, you can roll your mouse over to the main page, a drop down menu will be available for you to select different segment of the event


Gallery of photos will appear, roll the mouse over, the file names will appear or click on to the image you prefer to view

File names of the image will appear at the bottom of the image. Provide us with the file names for your orders


Collection of Photos and DVDs will be in School on following dates

27th Dec 2017

4th Jan 2018

24th Jan 2018